It’s Friday tomorrow and I’m so excited that it’s the weekend. I haven’t been this stoked about a weekend since October when I still had a job. Though I am reminded of what someone told me once where I proclaimed “TGIF” at work. They responded, “Oh yay, only two more days until Monday.” That guy was a bit of a downer. Anyways, next Friday will be even more exciting when it’s the weekend and payday!

Despite having lots of great discounts for many different things, I’ve discovered the EA discount for bus passes can’t match the discount I get from “this guy” I know. My supplier of my bus pass, whom I shall keep private, is still the best deal when it comes to public transit. I don’t ask too questions, I just give him the money at the end of each month.

I lamented in a previous post about the loss of Redbox in Canada, which was the only way I rented Blu-ray movies for cheap. Now that I work for EA again, I remembered the employee-only library has Blu-ray movies in their vast collection. The only problem is over a thousand people can contend for a single copy of a movie at any one time. For some titles they buy two copies of the Blu-ray but that’s still not very good. Well, this is better than nothing I suppose.

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