As I was getting ready for bed this evening I heard police sirens outside. That’s not strange because living in a big city, you hear that a lot. I decided to look outside my living room windows anyways because I’m curious like a cat. Just down the block, in plain view, I saw four police vehicles had pulled over an SUV that was stopped at the side of the street.

I grabbed my binoculars. All the police vehicles had their doors open and the officers were arrayed behind the doors with their guns drawn. This was no speeding ticket. I decided it was time for my telescope. Using that, I could see more clearly and in greater detail. The driver of the SUV had his hands stuck outside his window. The police ordered him to exit the vehicle which he did with his hands up. He walked back towards the police vehicles where one officer then cuffed him and put him in the back of a squad car. They then ordered his female companion out and she too walked back towards the police vehicles. She too appeared to be cuffed but not put into a vehicle. Everyone then seemed to start talking. A minute later, the female had her hands free. Then the driver of the SUV was out of the police car and he wasn’t in handcuffs anymore. About a minute more of discussion all around and the driver and his companion were walking back to their SUV. They started it and I saw the driver pull out a “clicker” and they drove into the parking garage of the apartment right across the street! They were literally just feet from their home when they got pulled over.

The rest of the police vehicles just took off in different directions. I’ve been hearing sirens going off since then. It’s clear something happened and the authorities are looking for a vehicle like that SUV. Oh wait, this tweet literally just got posted while I was writing this. Two people shot about a ten minute walk from my home. No wonder I’ve heard and seen so many police vehicles in the area. Well, I’d like to know more but I need my sleep. I’m guessing there will be news about this tomorrow.

UPDATE: Wow, according to this tweet, one of the victims made their way to the police station, which isn’t exactly close to where the shootings apparently took place.

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