So I forgot to bring my phone to work this morning. I realized that fact just as the doors were closing on my train ride in. I had nothing to look at as commuted in. I began to imagine how awful my day would be, not knowing if anyone had texted or called me. Normally, I don’t get many calls or texts on a daily basis but I kept thinking this was the day where I’d get lots.

Practically, texts and phone calls would be the only thing I’d be missing. Every other means of communication, e-mail and social media was still at my fingertips all day while I sat at my desk. All day though, I wondered if anyone had called or texted.

When I got home, I found my phone on my desk, barely depleted of its battery. There were a few notifications for e-mails that I had read earlier but no calls and no texts. All that worry for nothing.

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