By the time I start work next Wednesday, four months and nine days will have passed since I last woke up in the morning and strolled into work as an employee of a company. Since about noon on April 25, 2013 I’ve been a free man. That was the last day that I had to go into work but that wasn’t the last day where I actually did any work.

I’ve told some of you this in person but for the last four weeks or so before the studio got shut down, no one was doing any real work. I remember sometime in late March or very early April, we were informed that there was no use in doing any more real work. Our fate had been sealed, so we would just wait for the axe to fall. We had to show up for work (we could be somewhat late) but while at work we could do almost anything we wanted. There were some real practical suggestions like working on our resumes and doing job searches. I surfed the Internet a lot. Reading Internet stuff for almost eight hours of day can get tedious. The days didn’t seem too long though. If you show up for work a bit late, take a longer lunch, extend your coffee break a bit, and then leave a tad earlier, the work day doesn’t seem so bad. Unfortunately, you’ll know your job is about to disappear in a few weeks.

Anyways, my point is, the last time I actually worked a real, honest day of work is probably closer to five months. That’s a long time. I hope I can remember how to be productive when the real fun begins again next week.

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