So in a previous post, I mentioned how I was thinking about doing a very last-minute trip to somewhere before starting work next Wednesday. I would have liked to left on this trip several days ago but a friend of mine was visiting from out-of-town and I didn’t want to miss his visit. He’s leaving today so I was going to look into my own trip, with possible departures as early as this afternoon.

After much investigation, it looks like I won’t be going anywhere. Booking a last-minute trip that coincides with the start of the Labour Day long weekend doesn’t work well. Prices of flights and/or hotels are high and that’s if they are even available. It’s expensive to go anywhere. A flight to Portland costs as much as a flight to Honolulu. Even trains are sold out. I was thinking about a train ride down to Portland but all the most practical dates are sold out.

It would have been nice to get away for a few days but I’m fine staying home as well. There are still a few local items on my to-do list before the “summer of me” is finally over and it will be great if I could get those checked off.

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