In a previous post, I mentioned using my time off to be more active and to get outside more often. I found one way to accomplish this and it’s something called the Central Valley Greenway. It’s essentially a 25 km pedestrian and biking route that winds its way through several municipalities in the greater Vancouver area. It conveniently starts on one end just down the street from where I live and winds up next to False Creek in downtown Vancouver.

I walked a portion of the Greenway on Monday, covering about 6.5 km in about an hour and a half. I took my time, so I think it’s possible to for me to go a bit faster. I believe it’s possible for me to do the whole 25 km route in just over six hours but that’s without stopping and I’m not sure if that’s a reasonable assumption. The great thing about the route is that for the last half of it, it follows the Millennium and Expo Skytrain line. If I decide to end the excursion early, it will be very convenient to hop on a train and go home.

I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can go in one day and if it’s possible to do the whole route.

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