Last week I was at a social gathering where I met some people. One of these individuals was a young lady, whom I shall call Tonisha in this post, had some interesting stories to tell. Tonisha detailed some of her dating experiences and how she met her current boyfriend.

Like most young folk in Vancouver, Tonisha has had some challenges in navigating the dating world. She does, however, have a very unique and refreshing take on how to approach the first date. Normally, as first dates go, they are pretty boring. It’s supposed to be this safe and predictable social outing where neither party is out of their comfort zone too much. It kinda reminds me of when the US and USSR would have nuclear treaty talks on neutral soil. The first date around a cup of coffee or an alcoholic drink is pretty standard.

Tonisha will have none of that boring business. She likes to partake in what she calls inappropriate first dates. The first time she came up with the idea, she suggested to her date that they meet for the first time at a strip joint. She hadn’t been to a strip joint before and she wanted to meet this guy, so why not two stone bird it? So they met up, had a few drinks, and saw some boobies. Sounds good to me. I don’t think it worked out with that guy so there was another first date with a new dude soon after. Having done the strip club, she wanted something else inappropriate to tackle. Tonisha found a new idea in suggesting that this new dude meet her at the Fox Cinema for their first date, the last adult movie theatre still operating in Vancouver. It was a bold move on her part, which her date agreed to. They savvy enough to go to a dollar store beforehand to buy a couple of rain ponchos, which they laid out on their seats before sitting down. This was a good idea because according to Tonisha, the theatre smelled like sweat and dried semen. It was there they watched some Internet porn that was projected onto a screen. I was disappointed to hear they didn’t actually have real film pornos. Unfortunately, things did not work out with this guy either. If there was a silver lining to all of this, it was that Tonisha had to come up with another inappropriate first date idea for the next time she had a date. That idea turned out to be the one of the few remaining 25 cent peep shows on Granville Street. Again, her date agreed and that’s where they met. She described the booths as being very small and barely able to fit two people inside. The booths also smelled a bit. It was kinda dark but she mentioned that probably hid a lot of stains. The 25 cents got you a few minutes of porn from a DVD. In the glory days, I think there were actual women behind the glass to entertain you. When the time ran out, you could pay another 25 cents and the porn would continue where you left off as to not break continuity. Luckily, things worked out with this fellow and Tonisha is currently still dating him. They go out on more conventional dates now.

I found Tonisha’s approach to dating fascinating and refreshing. We got to talking about other inappropriate first date ideas. She had one unfulfilled idea of going to church with her date and getting a pizza delivered. I came up with the idea of going to speed dating with your date as the first date. I thought that was clever but Tonisha said she had also thought of that as well.

I wish there were more ladies like Tonisha out there!

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