I’ve had a headache for most of the evening and have been feeling generally quite blah all day. I’ve been just getting over a mild cold last week, so feeling worse today was disappointing. I don’t think my feeling bad today is related to the same cold. It did get me thinking though. Once someone has a cold, what’s to prevent that person from catching another cold from a different type of cold virus? There are so many different types of cold viruses that’s impossible to gain a complete immunity to them. If that’s true, I wonder how many times I’ve actually been sick with more than one type of cold virus ravaging me.

I was feeling the effects of a cold last week but the symptoms were quite mild. My nose didn’t run at all, there was a bit of nasal congestion, and I didn’t really have a cough. Maybe that was the effects of just one virus. Or I might have had partial immunity due this particular virus’ makeup which was similar to another cold I already had before. I wish I knew the answers to that. Perhaps when you really get slammed with a cold, you’re actually fighting off multiple cold virus types.

I’m gonna go find some smart people and see if they have some answers to my questions.

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