This week, Electronic Arts will release its one title which will make more money for the company that any other game this year. Battlefield 3 is EA’s crown jewel for 2011. They’ll put every single resource behind it to market it and support it on a global scale. So far, this is the closest they’ve come to competing with the Call of Duty juggernaut (which arrives a few weeks after BF3).

On a more local scale, I haven’t figured out how I’m going to get my copy of BF3. I haven’t paid full price for an EA game since before 2006 and I’m not about to change that even though I haven’t worked there in over a year. I usually get one of any number of people I know who still work at EA to get me EA games. The problem with BF3 is the demand is sky high. I’m almost certain the company store will institute a rationing policy where each employee will only be able to buy one copy of the game per platform. Even then, I guarantee the company store will sell out of PC and Xbox 360 copies on the first day. They might even sell out PS3 copies as well. I can almost see the lineup at the store snaking back from the lobby into the cafeteria area.

I could, of course, buy the game at full price at a retail store but that just seems wrong. I wonder if I’ll be able to resist once I see everyone online and knowing they’re playing BF3.


  1. One copy per person for the first week…not even 1 copy per platform. There were 3 dudes lined up at 9:05 this morning.

  2. Wow, that’s very restrictive limits. I’ve heard of one copy per platform before but not just one copy total.

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