As I was leaving work today I began to think about how I was going to spend the evening. Though I’d been eating alright this week, I realized I was kinda lacking in the vegetable consumption. I drew up a plan to make some roasted broccoli and cauliflower as part of dinner. I’d also have some fruit and yogurt for dessert. A healthy evening was the order for the evening. As I got onto the train for the ride home I realized I’d missed two text messages from some friends. They were at an eatery downtown and wanted to know if I could join them. I texted them back and they indicated they were still there. I exited the train at the next station and reversed my direction to get me back downtown.

About fifteen minutes later, I strolled into the place. There was five of them and I could see everyone was settling the bill.

“Whoops! I totally thought everyone was going to stick around.”

I got about ten minutes of conversation with everyone before most of the group dispersed. Luckily one of buddies was still hungry so we headed off to another place to get some food. It was there I discovered they had one pound of wings for $4. That is an excellent price for wings, especially for a place that’s downtown. To make a long story short, I wound up having two pounds of salt and pepper wings and some beer. They were really, really good. When I got home, I was too full and too tired to make vegetables. I did eat an apple though. I totally need to eat healthy for the next week now.


  1. Pound of wings for $4 sounds awesome, especially if they are tasty … and vegetables are overrated anyway.

    Among those lines: the Grad pub here names a burger after me to commemorate my love of pork (bacon and chorizo in this case). On Thursday I was over there to get some food before D&D and got that topping on a pulled pork sandwich for me. It was awesome.

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