I’m not going to actually outline each day of my unemployment but we’ll see how far this goes.

Today I met up with two friends of mine for lunch. One of them was unemployed game developer just like me. The great thing that happened during lunch was that he got an e-mail while we were eating to inform him he had just gotten a job with a local and major gaming company. I was quite happy for him. We talked about the industry a bit and he gave me some sense of what the employment scene is like out there for developers. There are a ton of unemployed game makers out there right now.

After lunch, I went home and napped. I can do that because I don’t have anywhere to be. It was my first afternoon nap in a long, long time. After my nap, I cleaned up my apartment for a bit and then got ready for dinner. I was meeting another friend for dinner. This time around, my dining companion was an employed game developer! What a rare breed these days in Vancouver! We settled on having our meal at Kamei Royale, which I think is a very good Japanese restaurant. They currently have a prix fixe menu right now with five courses for $28. The selections are quite decent. The evening was quite enjoyable and it was good to hear what my friend was working on.

What will day three of employment bring? Who knows??!?!?!

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