Because I like to let my imagination run wild, I have a strong suspicion that one of the dudes who lives in my apartment building is a pimp, or at the very least, the 21st century version of one. Why do I think he’s a pimp? Let me list what I’ve seen and heard, then you can chime in with your opinion.

First, this guy doesn’t seem to keep regular hours. I’ve seen him around the building well after 9am, in the afternoon, but strangely enough, rarely in the evenings. For a lot of the other residents, I know they’re 9 to 5 types (or thereabouts). I sure don’t see them leave for their 9am jobs but I’ve seen them returning from their workplaces. They’ve got packs and briefcases, they have groceries, and they have their mail from the day’s delivery. This guy doesn’t seem to operate on any regular schedule. Is it possible that his job is in the evening? Sure, I suppose but I just get this vibe that his “work” is a regular job.

Second, every single time I’ve seen him, he’s always got his phone with him and he’s always on it talking to someone. He can’t seem to wait to be on his phone. I’ve been in the elevator several times when he’s stepped on from his floor and he’ll pull his phone out right away to call someone, even if the elevator is crowded. The most recent time he did this, I heard something really interesting which deserves its own point that I’ll get into later.

Third, he’s often got some friend or “associate” with him. One particular guy appears to live on another floor. They’ll often ride the elevator down to the lobby together. Once the dude gets off the phone, they’ll either sit in the lobby chairs waiting for someone or they’ll go for a walk. Where they go walking to or what they talk about while walking, I am not sure. One time I saw them waiting for a third dude. They let some guy in and while the “friend” waited in the lobby, my suspicious friend took him upstairs for who knows what.

Fourth, one time I was going out, dude and a pretty but young girl got on the elevator with me. Dude appears to be in his late 30s or possibly even early 40s but this girl seemed barely out of her teens. They didn’t seem like they were boyfriend and girlfriend. They didn’t say much while in the elevator but they did walk out the door with me. I couldn’t catch all their conversation on the street but he seemed to be explaining a lot of things to her, as if she had questions about something. I never saw her again.

Last but certainly not least, was the conversation that I overheard while he was in the elevator with me last week. He was on the phone and this is what I heard:

“Hey, how many clients does Jasmine have today? And Laura, how many does she have booked? What about Jenny?”

Oh, and I just remembered this now. A few months ago, he was talking on the phone and I heard:

“Please tell Jenny that her first client is at 8.”

What could he be talking about? What type of business could he be running that apparently only employs women? What kind of business employs several different women and refers to clients? Yes, I suppose he could be running a hair salon, which predominantly might only have women stylists, but does this guy seem like a salon owner to you? I’d love to hear what you think of the situation. I really want to discreetly ask him about all of this some time. It’s a delicate thing though because I don’t want outright ask him if he’s a pimp, that’s just not classy. I was thinking something along the lines of, “Um excuse me sir, if I could respectfully ask,  am I correct in thinking you’re independent businessman?” I’d see where it’d go from there since it leaves an out for the both of us.

3 thoughts on “PIMPIN’?”

  1. I think they’ve got to be ‘in the business’. Sounds like it from what you are describing. But in a highrise with so many units you’re bound to get some of that.

  2. Here is how one can be described as a 21st century pimp: He is a companion facilitator. He merely offers advertising and assistance for a group of independant escorts to book rendez-vous with other adults. Rendez-vous are strictly for companionship. Any monies that he receives from these independant agents is for his services rendered. So you can ask him if he is in the advertising/personal assistance business.

  3. “Companion facilitator”, I like that. Perhaps you could use “fantasy facilitator” as well.

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