Day one of my latest stint of unemployment did not start off smoothly. I forgot to turn off my alarm the night before and I was awoken much too early for a dude that had nothing planned for the day. I managed to fall back asleep for about another hour and a half. I probably should have kept on sleeping but I was now awake a second time and decided it was probably best to get up at this point. I rolled out of bed and went into the living room to look out the windows to see what kind of day it was. It was a bright and beautiful sunny day at that point. I was about to go get some water when some movement in an apartment across from me caught my eye. This apartment had all the blinds up and the sun was shining directly into it so I could easily see into the bedroom and living room. The movement was a young lady moving about in her home while wearing a tight t-shirt and thong underwear. It was clear she was fit and healthy. Whatever problems I might have had with waking up early were quickly forgotten at this point. I proceeded to watch her get ready for the day, putting books into a bag, doing her hair, and looking into a mirror, all while in the t-shirt and thong. I then watched her slide on some black yoga pants. It was at this point I made a mental note to look into buying a telescope. It was my turn now to start my day.

The rest of my day was unfortunately not as exciting. I deposited my last paycheque from UFG at my bank. I wonder when I’ll get another one of those valuable paycheque thingies. I then went to Wal-Mart to buy a bulb for my bathroom light. At a local market, I bought some fruit and vegetables. It was then time to go home.

I had a nap before dinner, then made dinner, and played video games for most of the evening. Not every day of unemployment can be jam-packed with excitement but that’s why there’s always tomorrow.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your work situation, but if you want to go on vacation somewhere, say Cuba, we can try to arrange something. That is if you enjoy hot sunny beaches with bikini clad women.

    And good to hear that you had an interesting start to your day.

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