While construction continues on a large retail complex at the base of my apartment, tenants are just filling up the last spots in a revamped commercial area less than a block from where I live. The latest two tenants are Subway and Starbucks. I visited the Subway on Saturday. It one of the nicer Subway outlets I’ve seen. It’s got real tables and chairs as opposed to the booths you see in some of the older locations. Some tables had black leather armchairs which is something I had not seen before in a Subway.

Previously, the closest Starbucks to me was about a seven to ten minute walk from my apartment. I can now see this new Starbucks from my apartment balcony. There’s always slightly more fanfare when a Starbucks opens up compared to other food outlets. It’s as if it signals to the world that that particular area was deemed good enough to support expensive coffee-based drinks. I also fully expect Starbucks to open up a location within the retail complex below me when it is completed in the spring.

Now if only I could get a combo Taco Bell / KFC close by…

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