I was going to write about how interesting it is when coworkers discover my blog but that post will have to wait for another day.

I just finished showering when I happened to look out from my balcony and saw at least three police cars with lights on about two blocks away from my apartment. The police cars were stopped and they had pulled over a white SUV. I quickly grabbed my binoculars and looked on intently. I realized that I had missed the beginning of the action as all the doors of the SUV were already wide open and they were several police officers gathered behind their vehicles with their guns drawn.

I could hear a woman’s voice faintly yelling out instructions to whoever was still in the white SUV. After a few tense moments, a teenage male in a t-shirt stepped out of the SUV with hands raised. They made him walk back towards the police cars. Once he reached the officers, I couldn’t tell what they were doing to him, as it was dark. Then brought another dude out of the SUV. Once this guy got close to the officers, they made the dude get on his hands and knees and crawl the rest of the towards them. Awesome! 🙂

It was then I noticed there were two K-9 units on scene. At least I think I saw two dogs. One dog was released by his or her handler and it jumped into the SUV through one of the back doors. It didn’t spend a lot of time in there before jumping back out and running back to its handler.

Now during all of this, I had noticed one person that stood out in this whole situation. There was this woman with what looked to be blond hair, a light coloured hoodie of sorts, and dark capri pants who seemed to be quite close to the action. In fact, she was standing pretty close to the uniformed officers. She seemed like a civilian to me, so I thought maybe the cops were using her to identify the people in the SUV. I didn’t realize until the dog came back out of the SUV that this woman was actually holding a weapon and was a police officer as well. With the dog giving the SUV a once-over, mystery officer and some other uniformed police cautiously approached the SUV with weapons still drawn. They cleared the SUV and everyone seemed much more relaxed after that.

It’s been fifteen minutes since that happened and most of the police have gone. The SUV is still there but I bet it’s gonna get towed away pretty soon.

If you’re interested, read about the time I got pulled over by the cops when I was in grad school.

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