Wow, I’m really writing a lot of these “Did You Know?” posts lately.

Did you know that when I was a kid, my dentist briefly discussed with my parents about getting braces for my front teeth? When I was younger, my two front teeth grew in large and in charge. They didn’t stick out too much but it was still noticeable. They were my adult teeth and unfortunately, I still had child-sized facial features. These massive choppers were hard to miss compared to the rest of my teeth that hadn’t been replaced yet. Combine that with my smaller head (yeah hard to believe my head was once smaller) and you had a freaky combo. It looked like I was ready to gnaw on a redwood tree and take it down in minutes.

In the end, it was decided I would not get braces, for several reasons. First, my parents were of modest means. They could have afforded it but it wouldn’t have been easy on the budget. Second, my two front teeth didn’t stick out that badly, it just looked kinda bad. Third, I personally didn’t want to endure all that metal in my mouth with the headgear and crap.

It turned out to be a good decision to forgo the braces. The rest of my teeth and head caught up to my two front teeth. It’s not perfectly aligned but once my other teeth came in and my head grew to a ridiculously large size, everything looked a lot better.

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