Back in 2004, the mainstream news media reported that some Hollywood star had died. Major news outlets started reporting it as fact and at first no one really questioned who or where the story originated. After the initial rush to report the “death”, some of the media started looking for the source of the story. It turned out that the source was actually some press release that was found on the Internet. It wasn’t even a trusted site like Associated Press. The site was called PRWeb and people started figuring out that anyone could write a press release on that site and then have it sent out for free. PRWeb didn’t do any fact-checking at all so people could write whatever they wanted. In this case, someone wrote that an actor had died when he was actually quite alive and rich.

Just to see if I could write my own press release and get it on their site, I whipped up the following awesome piece of writing. That press release is now six years old. Some of you who’ve been reading this blog for years will recognize it as I linked to it the day I wrote it. Yes, I’m re-hashing old material.

2 thoughts on “A BLAST FROM THE PAST”

  1. What?! It costs money!?

    Who’s gonna take it seriously when anyone can literally post anything they want anyway?

    I might as well just post it on youtube.

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