If you’re like me, you probably use the Internet, sometimes for amusement. If porn isn’t doing it for you anymore and you’re chafing for more entertainment, I suggest having a look at Yahoo! Answers. It’s essentially an online community where Yahoo! members ask each other questions. Other members can respond and people can pick the “best” answers. The questions come from a wide range of topics. Of course, since this is the Internet, there can be much hilarity to be found in the Q&A. First, some of the answers are quite funny. There are also a lot of very wrong answers. The worst is when there’s a really genuine question being asked and everyone’s best answer is clearly so wrong. Then there are the really stupid questions. They’re so stupid, you really hope the askee is just having some fun.

In less than five minutes, I found the following three questions that I thought were entertaining. Can you find more?

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