I was advised after my home purchase not to look at and the listings on there, lest I see something that would cause me some regret. Of course, curiosity got the best of me, so I have indeed been looking. I found an interesting listing here. It’s a 3000+ square foot, 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom apartment located near Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver. It is just blocks away from where I work (for now).

It takes up the entire 21st floor of the building its in. Just from the two pictures you see above, it is plainly clear the view is stunning. The wrap-around floor-to-ceiling windows afford you a view of the North Shore mountains, Stanley Park, and the surrounding ocean waters. Now if you could turn your gaze from the windows for just a moment, one would find the apartment itself isn’t too shabby. The kitchen island on its own is probably larger than my entire kitchen. I also love the light hardwood floors and the crisp white walls. I am now wondering how much it would cost to get my own place painted white and installed with hardwood.

Now you’re probably wondering how much this place is listed for. The seller, whoever that might be, is asking for just under $6.4 million. To put that into perspective, even if the seller decided to lop off six million from the asking price, I’d still have trouble buying it. The monthly maintenance fee for this apartment is over $1400 which is considerably more than my entire monthly mortgage payment.

I wonder if it comes with a parking spot?

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