Nearly every white-collar job in modern society now requires a worker to spend some time at a computer. I am no different and unfortunately, I’ve discovered negative consequence to all this computer work. Is it carpal tunnel syndrome? Thankfully, it is not, though at least two of my co-workers have been affected by this. Is it strained eyes? No, but I probably am not doing my eyes any favours by staring my LCD screen all day.

What I have discovered is that I am causing tears in the elbow area of long-sleeved shirts on my right arm. Because of where I position my mouse and my body relative to the mouse, my mouse movements cause my elbow to rub against the desk surface. With short-sleeves, this is obviously not a problem. I have, however, caused irreparable damage to two button-down shirts this year, both of which I am quite fond of.

I should probably fix my body posture and/or mouse placement before I have to replace yet another shirt.

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