At work, I leave my cell phone on my desk in plain view of anyone who walks by. Twice this week, I’ve had people come by and say, “Man, that phone is old. When you gonna get a new one?” My current cell phone is the one you see above, it’s a Siemens M55 that I bought off Ebay in 2005. It’s only my second cell phone ever. I first got a cell phone in 2000 if you can believe it and pretty much didn’t use it until 2005.

Anyways, I don’t see why I need to get a new cell phone just because it’s over three years old. My current phone let’s me talk to people over a GSM network and I can send/receive text messages. That’s all that I really need from a cell phone. Plus my phone is quite small measuring only 4 x 1.8 x 0.8 in.

Sure I’m missing still and video camera features but other than making my own amateur porn, is there any other reason to have that on a cell phone? I suppose it would be neat to listen to MP3s with my phone but unless I’m willing to shell out big bucks for those 4Gb models, there’s really not a lot of storage space on your average cell phone.

Yep, I think I’m going to stick with my current phone for just a little longer. Having said that, I just surfed on over to a list of unlocked GSM phones for sale. Maybe that wasn’t a great idea.

3 thoughts on “GRAHAM BELL HAD ONE”

  1. I don’t even own a cell phone. My wife just bought one (with almost zero features) just for emergency purposes – having 2 kids gives one a certain amount of healthy paranoia.I say, don’t upgrade!

  2. Cam, you don’t own a cell phone either? I thought I was the only guy left without one.I did own one for four months – in 1998, before Telus bought Clearnet and Rogers’ plan was called Amigo. The plan I had was better value than anything available today.

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