I wrote in a previous post how the general manager at Joeys on Burrard offered to make up for a horrible dining experience I had a few weeks ago. Tonight, I took up his offer and returned to the original crime scene.

Now granted, I gave him a day’s worth of warning, so he told me there’d be a table for myself and my buddy Ron when I got there at 7pm. I got there first and there was a big lineup at the restaurant. I overheard a wait time of about 30 minutes. When I got to host and hostess station, I told them my name. The hostess perked up immediately and said my table was ready for me. Since it was a bit of a contrived evening, I got to bypass the waiting time, which was fine by me. The hostess led me to a table by the window, which I was pleased with.

Since Ron wasn’t there yet, I sat next alone with my menu. A few moments later, Kent the manager came by to meet me. He sat down and we discussed matters for a few minutes before Ron arrived. Kent introduced himself and then left us to our menus.

To make a long story short, we ordered some ahi tuna tacos for appies and we each had a 7 oz. tenderloin steak for mains. The food was quite nicely prepared and tasted excellent. This was a far cry from my last meal, which took too long to arrive and tasted very bland when it finally did arrive.

Both Kent and our server checked up on us several times during the evening to ensure everything was to our liking. I thought the whole meal was great. When I asked for the bill, we were told it was on the house, which was a very nice gesture on their part.

The important question now of course is how will my dining experience go the next time I visit Joeys? The next time just being a regular, run of the mill guest where they won’t be trying extra super hard to win back my confidence.

Stay tuned!

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