Though the date is the first of April, I assure you this post is no joke. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post where I saw the body of a deceased gentlemen lying in the street where he had died after getting hit by a private bus. Today, again on my way home, I saw another dead body.

My bus was nearing the Barnet Highway, where Hastings St. splits off to Inlet Drive. At that corner, right next to the Chevron station, I saw two RCMP police cruisers. Both had their lights on and they were blocking off a portion of the road. Yellow crime scene tape had already blocked off a portion of the street and the sidewalk. Lying on the sidewalk was what appeared to be the body of tall man. He had a white plastic sheet covering his body but some dark shoes poked out from underneath.

There were no ambulances and no other signs of emergency personnel, save the police. As my bus drove by slowly, things seemed pretty calm. I watched the news tonight to see if there would be any mention of this, there was none. None of the local newspaper web sites mentioned it either. I wonder what happened here?


  1. In other April 1 news, every single link on youtube is being rickrolled today. Very clever youtube…very clever.

  2. Very odd – I saw that too and I was wondering if I had been seeing things. Extremely odd that there does not appear to have been any news about it yet either. Wonder what’s going on…

  3. Well, at least I wasn’t the only one that saw it! Thanks anonymous. Love your comments in the other parts of the Internet by the way.

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