There are probably over a dozen of my co-workers still at the studio tonight. I can say that we’re trying to meet a very important deadline. The surprising thing is that I got to go home at the early time of 10pm.

So while I arrived at home slightly before 10:30pm, people were continuing to make shiny things appear on screen. I could have just relaxed, folded my laundry, and fed my pet condor but I couldn’t resist logging into to my work e-mail. I checked it before 11pm and I just checked it again. There a fair number of messages to be read for that time of night.

I just need to know how things are going. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I also checked the Perforce server for the submitted changelists. All work on our game is submitted via a server that can track changes for us. You can view these changes in a timeline so you can see who checked in what at what time. People usually don’t read these things but I do since I can’t help but be nosy about what to expect when I get back to the studio in the morning.

Ok, I’m going to check my work e-mail again.

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