While leaving the Starbucks at the Pan Pacific at around 6pm today, I saw B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell. He was leaving the hotel and quickly got into a van. My companion, a fellow co-worker who shall go unnamed, called him “Brian”.

5 thoughts on “BRUSH WITH GREATNESS”

  1. I’ll do you one better…I shook Gordon Campbell’s hand today. He was at UBC Forestry for a funding announcement for grad students. Being the communications manager for grad studies, I decided to scoop a seat behind him at the press conference. His Minister erred twice when he thanked us for being here at “Uvic”, and then thanked our President (Steven Toope) by referring to him as “David”. Nice! Hope the cheques don’t bounce…

  2. My wife worked one shift at the Pan Pacific Starbucks…filling in for a friend a couple years ago. When she got home she says “Guess who I served today?”So I go…”Ummmm….Gordon Campbell?”She was pissed off. I got it right. It was a very, very lucky guess.Venti non-fat latte if I recall.So, it sounds like he’s a regular.

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