As a student of the fine art of comedy, I believe there are just a few sure-fire bits out there. In my book, we have “football in the groin”, “little kids smashing into bushes on bikes”, and “groom passes out at his wedding”. Actually, I’m not sure if those are sure-fire bits or just my favourite America’s Funniest Home Videos pieces.

Well, it’s time to promote another bit into those lofty heights. Please welcome “middle-aged guy sings Don’t Cha from The Pussycat Dolls”. We’ve seen this with Big Red’s interpretation on YouTube. Damn, TV’s Uncle Jerry sure does kick some ass. Now, here comes Kyle Gass with his version. Gass is of course, one half of the dynamic duo known as Tenacious D, partnering with Jack Black. Unfortunately, Gass’ performance is embedded within a blooper clip from the new movie Wild Hogs. It really picks up near the middle but wait for his fantastic finish, you got it goin’ on!

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