I’ve decided on a new route to work now. My old commute consists of one bus, which basically takes me from door to door. Travel time is usually 45 – 55 minutes. My new route consists of one bus, Skytrain along the Millenium Line, and then Skytrain along the Expo Line. Travel time is anywhere between a swift 40 minutes to no more than 50 minutes. Is it more of a hassle along the new route? Yes, I gotta get off the bus, onto a train, off the train, and then back onto my last train.

The positive is there’s a lot more room on a Skytrain car than my old bus. When it’s crowded I’m sealed in that bus for almost an hour. Combine that with the stupid bus heaters and possibly wet umbrellas and clothes, it’s unbearable at times.

I just enjoy the commute a lot more when I’m taking Skytrain. I almost always get a window seat, I’m above the roads, I can see for kilometres in every direction, and interesting people get in and out of the cars. When I say interesting, I don’t mean smelly old people.

On the way back home, I’ll still take my old route because it’s a lot less crowded in the evenings and I like sleeping on the darkened bus. Without having to change buses, I can usually get a 20 to 30 minute nap in there.

To a better commute!

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