Today, EA released the first bit of gameplay footage from skate, the game I’m working on. EA held a press event in San Francisco this week, where media people from both gaming web sites and skateboard mags got to play an early build of the game.

Several preview articles have already been posted, with more coming for sure Friday morning. The reaction has been fairly positive from the media. The peanut gallery, though, has already voiced a few opinions on message boards. I will make no comment on their comments.

A list of previews:

GameSpot (includes video from the press event with interviews with my co-workers and a reference to features I worked on!)

The demo build we played had a few events to compete in, such as video challenges, where you have to pull off a number of tricks within a certain amount of time while your tricks are being ‘recorded’ on video (after all, if a skate trick happens but nobody is there to record it, did it really happen?). There are also photo challenges where you’ll be able to take pictures of your skater in action. Speaking of recording, the game will also include a pretty cool replay feature, which will let you rewind the action and focus in on your best tricks. This is complete with a number of different camera angles and even a currently unspecified method of ‘sharing’ your replay footage with your friends (presumably via the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’s online capabilities).



Here’s an alternate link to video if you can’t see it above.

We’ve still got a lot of work to do on the game, so it’s gonna only get better!

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