It’s become one of the most anticipated posts of the year here at Yes, it’s my annual Valentine’s Day post. Cultivated over three years of time, the popularity of a post on this day every year has reached a feverish pitch.

Last year’s post featured a classy declaration in the form of a heart-shaped candy. Another year, well… I showed you the same candy in a post, but there was quite a narrative in that one. And in yet another post, there was even more candy.

While the candy theme does seem like a recurring one, we’re seeing a new theme emerge as well. Every year, I write about how I’m going to treat myself for the evening. It usually starts off with a description of the meal I’ll cook myself. Scrumtrelescent and almost decadent, the meal could nearly be described as an orgy of flavours. What follows would be several hours of TV watching and in a next-gen twist, even more time with the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Then after a few glasses of red wine, I’d turn my attention to the ancient art of self-love, practiced for centuries in what we now call the cradle of civilization. Taken to exhaustion after reaching the heights of pleasure, I collapse in a heap, unable to do anything but let sleep wash over me. Awaking just before midnight, I entertain the last ritual of the evening, driving to 7-11 to purchase a Double Big Gulp, brimming with decaffeinated Coke Classic.

Ah yes, another successful Valentine’s Day! See you next year lovers!

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