Well, here I am at the old ‘puter with my Double Big Gulp and a bag of Doritos. I got my haircut tonight. I told Mary-Anne about my Wii. I think I may have convinced her to buy one. I mentioned how good Madden is on it and she’s a big football fan.

I came home and saw a link on YouTube. The video was entitled, “Olivia Munn Deep Throating a Snickers“. I click on the link. The video is stuck on the loading phase. It never finishes nor does it start playing. Every other video on YouTube plays however, except the one where Olivia Munn apparently downs a Snickers. The world is cruel and unfair at times.

Hey, here’s a tip. If you don’t want to be tired in the morning, then don’t put in Gears of War into your 360 for the first time ever at midnight.

In related news, I play about an hour of Wii Sports every night. If you’ve known me for any length of time, that’s the equivalent of me going to the gym and doing cardio and lifting weights. I try to play the most physically demanding games in Wii Sports. I sample the tennis, baseball, and boxing. I actually get sweaty after a while. This has to be good for me.

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