The Georgia Straight, everyone’s favourite free paper in the city, recently released the results of their online sex survey. The results are pretty interesting but allow me to highlight a few findings:

If you married outside your race, which would you prefer?

(female responses)

mixed: 40.3 percent

Caucasian: 16.2 percent

Mediterranean: 11.9 percent

Asian: 9.7 percent

African origin: 8 percent

(male responses)

Asian: 29.8 percent

mixed: 28.3 percent

Latin American: 14 percent

Caucasian: 12.7 percent

Mediterranean: 8.4 percent

For females in the Vancouver area, Asian men would be almost their least desirable choice to marry if they had to indulge in exploration. For men, and this should really come as no surprise, topping their list are Asian women. Mixed comes in second but I’d really like to know what mix they’d prefer. My bet would be the men would look for Asian-Caucasian. Read the rest of the results here.

The fever and the stereotypes are still very much alive in Vancouver. My brothers, we shall continue to endure… or move to a Scandanavian country like most of us discussed in last month’s meeting.

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