Last week, we only had four working days before the weekend rolled around but it sure felt like a six day week to me. Coming back to your regular job from vacation is tough at best but try doing that when it’s a new job.

On Friday, I was happy to go home and basically nap for an hour before grabbing some dinner. Then it was off to UBC to say goodbye to my good friend Tyson. Bone is off to Toronto to start med school in the fall. He’s driving across country to his new home. Good luck Tyson! Slowly, but surely, all the people I’ve met at SJC are moving away.

I didn’t do a whole lot on Saturday, I was just happy to sleep in and get some rest. Well, I did get a haircut. It’s been six weeks since my last one, so I really needed it. The weird thing was that I had to get my hair cut by someone other than my regular haircutter lady. My regular was all booked up until the start of her vacation and if I wanted to wait, it’d have to be until September 3. By then, my hair would have been an afro the size of the moon. The lady who actually cut my hair is someone who I’ve seen around the salon for literally years but who has never touched my hair.

She did an awesome job with my hair but it did feel a teeny bit weird having someone else cut my hair. It’s amazing how stylists do the little things just a bit different. I wonder if this is what men experience when they cheat on their wives for the first time after like a decade. Anyways, I’m pleased with my hair and I’ll have to thank her again when I see my regular stylist.

I went shopping today but no one wants to hear about that. I also went to Dairy Queen which was quite pleasant. Ok, so that’s a post!

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