I don’t know how many people start a new job on a Friday before going on the weekend but that’s what I’m going to do this Friday. After reading various conflicting documents, I was definitively told today that boot camp at EAC ends this Thursday and we’d go back to our respective teams on Friday. For some, this will mean going upstairs but for me, I’ll be heading downtown to EAX where I will meet my new team for the first time.

Beyond the weekend, I’m also looking forward to “beer and cake” on Friday which is something of a tradition at EAX. The event is supposed to celebrate any birthdays that happened during the week. I’m not sure if there’s a birthday every week but beer and cake is served nonetheless. I’ve been told I can even invite guests if I want. That’s pretty cool.

So, starting Friday, I’ll be in some office tower like all those other business people… except I can wear t-shirts…

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