Yes, I said no more work related posts but hell, I spend nearly eight plus hours in a classroom these days, what do you expect?

I had another Cam sighting today. After passing him on the staircase on day one, I saw him stroll through the cafeteria at lunch with his food on his way to Phase II. I was at a table with Chris D., Barr star, and the Gunq himself, Garrett. I saw Cam from afar and mentioned to everyone that he was going to pass our table. As he walked by, everyone looked at me as if they expected me to say something. I did not.

Everyone then laughed at me. I didn’t want to change this perfectly weird way that Cam and I communicate together. We have never met formally in person. Our entire set of exchanges occurs purely through comments on this blog. What could I possibly say to the man in person?

One final thing, EA has very strict policies on accessing personal e-mail from work. This policy extends to webmail. I’ve been told by the IT guys that we’re not supposed to check our own e-mail from the studio. Informally, someone has told me people do it nonetheless. Now since I don’t want to get in trouble less than a week into my new job, I’m going to adhere to that policy… for now. That means if you send an e-mail to my account, I won’t read it until I get home. If you need to get ahold of me during the day, leave a message on my cell phone or feel free to e-mail me at etang at and CC me using the address as well. Thanks!

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