I write my second to last (that’s penultimate for you dictionary nerds) midterm tomorrow. It’s also the first midterm of the year for me. Being a grad student does have its perks somtimes. After that, it’s one more midterm to go and no more for the rest of my degree.

In other news, my parents bought a new TV. I think my sister said it was a 32″ one. I know my parents don’t have that kind of money. My parents have never been good at saving. I think part of the reason they had kids was that they could just let us take care of them. I should try the same thing with my kids.

There’s a room crawl scheduled for Friday at SJC. I’ve teamed up with Joel to host the first floor kitchen. We’re trying to come up with a theme for our drinks. Joel and I came up with the idea of the “toilet bowl”. In clear plastic cups, we’d put in a length of an “Oh Henry” chocolate bar and a splash of vodka. Bottoms up! I don’t think we’re really going to have that as our drinks. Yet, any other ideas escape us. Suggestions?

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