I have just returned from McDonald’s after having a post-midterm meal with my classmate Diamond Dave. We each had a McChicken meal as a reward for all our hard work. Ha. The midterm itself was alright. I was pretty scared at the beginning. There eight questions, the first seven were worth five marks and the last one worth fifteen, for a total of fifty marks.

As I started writing, it was clear the prof was being nice to us. I finished the first seven questions in about 20 minutes. The last question was kind of tricky, but I did the best I could. When I was done, there was till 25 minutes left in the exam. I checked over my paper and handed it in. I went back to my stuff, collecting my things and went to leave. As I passed by my prof, he had already marked the first page of my exam. He gave me full marks for the first three questions. I gave him a thumbs-up (hi Adam and Bryan!) and left. Dave later joked it would be funny if those were the only marks I got on the exam.

I saw my neighbour Chris outside my apartment as I was coming home. He was having a smoke. We had a nice neighbourly chat about school and post-school related things. He even offered to give me a few names of people that worked at EA. Nice.

I am going to take it easy for the rest of the evening. I have an assignment to mark for tomorrow. Otherwise, I am free to spend my evening as I wish. What a rarity. I guess I should use some of the time to think about our room crawl theme.

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