The guy that re-starts my web and mail server everytime it goes down is getting married. Stephen is his name. I’ve known Stephen since 1994, when we were both living in Hamber House over at Place Vanier. Back then, I was a frazzled second year engineering student, he was just a young pup in first year engineering.

Stephen also holds the distinction of the only guy to have ever travelled to Las Vegas with me. I’ve been to Vegas once, back in November 1999. We went on business to Comdex. We did not manage to ride the .com boom to countless millions (as evidenced by the Big Extra I had for dinner tonight). We also did not manage to have much fun in Vegas. Can you believe I did not have a single drink in Vegas that time? Criminal.

Anyways, Stephen has invited me to a little wedding reception he’s having in town in mid-March. He’s actually getting married in Hawaii and I even got invited to that, but I have to get my own airfare… and accomodation. The shindig here is for all his local friends and acquaintances, and that includes Jason. Who’s Jason? He’s the guy that actually owns the web and mail server I use.

I am quivering in anticipation of this meeting. This will be my opportunity to propose a plan to upgrade prometheus so that my site and e-mail will become many times more reliable. I will offer to pay for some of the upgrades. At that time, I will also ask for a few things I want tweaked on the server. Things like new rims, some fuzzy dice, and a new spoiler.

I can’t wait. Oh, and I’ll congratulate Stephen on getting married too.

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