My sister told me a tale of woe today. Someone at work stole her lunch. I will let her tell the whole story.

“Erwin, someone stole my lunch at work today!! I brought a Lean Cuisine lasagne to work and someone just took it! I put it in there at 9 am and by the time 12 noon rolled around it was gone!

I was soooo hungry, too and happened to forget my wallet at home so could not even buy a

sandwich in the cafeteria. Thank God I had a can of soup….

I am more disappointed in humanity than I am in the loss of my lasagne.”

Truly, a sad day for those brown-baggers out there. That’s why I always buy my lunch whenever I’m working. My sister’s situation reminds of me that episode of Friends where Ross gets his turkey sandwich stolen at work. He called it the “Moist Maker”.

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