My vow of not watching game six lasted three periods. A friend and I went to a BBQ for dinner earlier this evening. Of course, everyone was watching the game. I just sat there and chatted with the people who weren’t that into hockey. It was actually kinda nice not needing to hang on every play of the game.

We left the BBQ somewhere during the third period. When we got back, my friend headed off to do her own thing, and I made the mistake of heading up to the TV room. It was moderately full. I popped in briefly to say hi and left.

I went to my room, turn the game on, and drank water. Calgary soon tied it up. I was dumbfounded. Despite my better judgment, I went back up to the TV room. The third ended and I knew I was in for a tense OT. I told everyone I wasn’t going to watch, but I stayed.

By then, it was quite crowded in the room. It was a mix of Canucks fans, Flames fans, and neutral observers. Each type fan was predicting doom for their side. I told everyone the ‘Nucks would find a way to lose. Tyson thought his Flames were going to be in trouble. Every rush into the Canucks end I would say, “This is it!”.

Three overtimes later, Adam decided he had to go pee. He didn’t wait until a stoppage in play, he just went. Phil said someone would probably score while he was gone. Sure enough, while Adam was doing his business, Morrison walked in from the corner and scored. The room erupted in celebration.

Adam came running in several seconds later. The bathrooms are directly under the TV room. He said he was taking a leak when he heard the ceiling shake.

So, there will be a game seven. Anything can happen in a game seven, so there’s no way you can say the Canucks have the upper hand. That’s why it would suck so bad if the Canucks turned in a poor performance on Monday night. To battle so hard tonight and to stink it up in game seven. It’s something that might happen.

This leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. I’m not sure if I’ll be watching on Monday night. It’ll be so nerve wracking. Who knows. I’ll make a game time decision.

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