So how many blogs do you read that are written by people who are worth over a billion dollars? Probably not many.

For one, how many billionaires are there? In comparison to the rest of the population, not many. Of those who are billionaires, how many of them even know what a blog is? Again, even fewer. Most billionaires are probably older, having accumulated their fortune over time. Rich or not, old folks usually don’t take to computers too well. Of those billionaires who even know what a blog is, how many of them have time to blog? We dwindle that number down even further.

The only super rich dude I know that blogs is Mark Cuban. Self-made billionaire and outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Cuban writes a pretty good blog. His Blog Maverick is quite popular, with posts receiving over 100 comments at times.

Now his blog would suck if he just wrote about the mansion he bought today or how he had to fire 5000 people so that he could still make a profit, but luckily he doesn’t do that. Actually, I’ve heard he only owns one mansion and he’d probably take a pay cut before firing 5000 people. Anyways.

One of his recent posts was a great read. He thought poorly of Donald Trump’s comments about him in a paper, so he offered a good rebuttal.

If anything, you should read his blog because he sometimes gives out stock tips. Remember, he’s worth a billion dollars.

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