Every spring I come to the realization that the Canucks’ season is done. Last year, I called it a bit early. I thought they were done in their first round series against the Blues after they went down a couple of games early. Little did I know they would be done for real in game seven versus the Wild (a game which led by two goals at one point).

Well, I’ll bet I’m going to be a little more accurate this year. The Canucks will lose game six in Calgary on Saturday. I’ve made a vow not to watch, because I don’t want another three hours of my life lost.

You may call me a bad fan. You may call me a bandwagonner. You know what I really am though? A realist. Let’s face it. The Canucks have played poorly their last two games. It took them a lucky bounce to just tie it up tonight. The Flames have been great in shutting down whatever offense the ‘Nucks have mustered. As good the Flames were tonight, they’ll be even better at home Saturday.

The Canucks had a turbulent season but they did great in their last six games. They entered the playoffs with a lot of confidence. It’s unfortunate though it seems like they still don’t know that playoffs are nothing like the regular season.

Every year they seem to find a way to disappoint me, but in the fall, for whatever reason, I continue to cheer for them. Why do I do that?

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