It’s about 3:30am and most of the people here at the College are asleep. It’s quiet. The air is cool. It’s peaceful.

Thanks to a can of Coke consumed around midnight, I am wide awake, yet not hyperactive. Given the circumstances, I am somewhat relaxed.

Earlier in the evening, a large group of us from the College went down to Wreck to see the sun set. We brought wood for a fire, some tiki torches, and marshmallows to roast. The sunset was beautiful. The lingering clouds allowed the sun to paint the sky with pastel pinks. A few people started playing cards, but I didn’t want to join, I know like two card games, maybe three and they weren’t playing those.

Instead I sat with the others and roasted marshmallows with a coat hanger. It took me a dry run to get it right, but I got the hang of it. I will tell you one thing though, melted marshmallows, sticky hands, and sand don’t really mix. As I did the roasting, I got to sit next to Miriam. We had a short but really good conversation. We were in the same reflective, quiet mood. We discussed our troubles, we looked at the flickering flames of the fire, and I think we both knew what type of week we had just finished. We didn’t say much after that, there was no need.

As the light of the day yielded to the night, the fire turned a mezmorizing orange. I had an interesting conversation around the fire with Arash, Bruno, and Carly. We talked about everything from The Price Is Right to how fun it is to watch marshmallows burn and expand.

We came back up around midnight. After I got back, I played Arash a game of MSN Messenger checkers. We were about even down to 5 pieces each, but then I did a dumb move and it was all over. Strangely enough, I played Tic-Tac-Toe with him after and got two games on him. Isn’t it like impossible to lose in Tic-Tac-Toe?

Some TV and more video games and here we are at 4am. I think I’ll download some music, do some more web stuff, and see where I’ll be. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

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