In November, in a series of posts, I chronicled my dealings with the vending machine company Aramark. Their response to my complaint was quite speedy and acceptable. Today, I had reason again to contact them.

Around 3pm I was feeling a bit peckish, having had only a light lunch. Not wanting to go far, I decided to visit the vending machine just down the hall. As I got there, I decided I wanted a bag of Miss Vickie’s Sweet Chili and Sour Cream chips. I put in my twoonie for the $1.10 bag of chips and pressed A6.


I looked at LCD display on the machine. It said, “Make another selection”. Weird. I pressed A6 again.


I looked at the completely filled row of chips. It sure as hell wasn’t empty. A friend of mine always says the third time’s the charm.


Nope. Begrudgingly, I take the bag of plain chips next to my intended target and collect my change. I note the number on the machine and I go back to my office. I call them up and explain the situation to them.

A nice woman takes down all the details and tells me she’ll definitely dispatch someone to the machine on Monday. Next, she wants to know where she can mail me the $1.10 to re-imburse me for the chips I didn’t want in the first place. I tell her it’s alright and it wasn’t worth her trouble. She insists. I acquiesce.

She tells me to expect the money in the mail soon. That’s pretty cool of them. It’s not like I didn’t get anything at all, but they wanted to re-imburse me anyways. Too bad you can’t buy cars from a vending machine.

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