Yes, I mentioned how hot it was earlier but seriously dude, around 4pm in my room, it was warm.

I had to go out for the evening and I was hoping that my room would cool down while I was gone. As I returned from the bus stop, I was pleasantly surprised at the gentle breeze that was blowing.

Sadly, I discovered that this gentle breeze had done nothing to cool down my room. I now have my door propped open with a shoe so that the air can travel more freely into my room. It’s a shame I can’t go to sleep with my door propped open… or can I? Hmm… even if I did find a way, the light from the hallway would make it difficult to fall asleep. Still, it’s much cooler with the moving air.

I also need a screen for my windows. Last night, it seemed like every tiny creature with more than two legs had found its way through them.

Having gone through a winter already at SJC, I must admit I’d rather deal with the heat than the cold!

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