It is freaking hot in my room and my window doesn’t even face the sun! We really need A/C in our SJC rooms.

Anyways, I have managed to secure employment for the summer. I am now the Course Development Assistant for Applied Science 201. APSC 201 is a required course for all undergrad engineers at UBC. It teaches students the fundamentals of technical communication. Coincidentally, I took APSC 201 myself the very first semester that it was offered.

It was actually a very quick sequence of events that led me to this job. I had applied for this job weeks ago and heard nothing. Then on Wednesday afternoon, while I was away playing soccer, I received a voicemail from the Director of the Technical Communications Centre. She actually was the person who taught me APSC 201 many years ago. We arranged to meet on Thursday morning. It wasn’t really an interview per se but more like a friendly chat. I signed some papers and I was good to go.

I start June 16th and I’ll be doing some web site maintenance and various other course content related work. It’s on campus, so the commute is virtually non-existant.

I’m quite relieved to have secured a summer job because I think I was going to apply to Blockbuster Video next.

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