After having posted that I was enjoying brunch, Karen suggested we go for brunch today.

Nic, Karen, and I wound up at this place on 4th Ave called Hell’s Kitchen. It was quite nice. We got to sit on the patio, the weather was pleasant, and it was fun people-watching. The food itself was neither terribly bad nor was it terribly good.

I realized at brunch this was my first summer living in the Kitsilano area, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. With just a few days of good weather behind us, I can already tell it’s going to be a good summer. Living in Kitsilano, the weather makes it great for many, many different reasons.

After we had brunch, we just missed our bus, so we wandered into this store called The Candy Aisle. It sells nothing but candy and the whole store is brightly decorated. Dumb as this sounds, but it made me feel like… a kid in a candy store.

Karen bought some little treats, but I bought a couple packages of pop rocks and this tiny 150 ml can of Coke. I just tried the two of them together now, and not only did I not explode, but I think the pop rocks are more fun with out the Coke.

When we left the store, Nic had to go back to his place by the beach, so Karen and I waited by the bus stop. While we were waiting, some guy in a car either yelled at us or beeped us as he drove by. I looked, and it was Adrian. Adrian used to live at SJC, but he drops by almost daily. Anyways, he pointed down the street, so Karen and I followed. We hopped into his car and he gave us a ride back onto campus, which was real kind of him.

Not long after, I had to go to softball practice with my team. Not that many people showed up, but it was fun still. We were out there for almost two hours in the hot sun. Near the end, people were waning in the heat.

On the way back from the field, someone remarked that we were having cheese and spinach tortellini for dinner. Yuck. I suggested that we go to Swiss Chalet instead. I found agreement from Rhonda and Dana. Dana was nice enough to drive us there. Dinner was fabulous of course, but then again, when isn’t it at the Chalet?

Now, I’m at home doing laundry, writing this post, and eating pop rocks and Coke. Now that I mention it, my hands are all tingly now… I hope that’s not from the pop rocks and Coke. That’s a lot of carbon dioxide. I wonder if that would cause any major.dfgdf #RRG dgd dbf b.btrer

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