With great sadness, my holidays ended today when I had to get up at 9am to go to my first class.

I had about 26 days off for my Christmas holiday. It was my longest holiday ever in my entire life. When you’re in kindergarten to grade 12, you get maybe two weeks usually. When I was in undergrad, I had a million courses, so my exams were usually spread over the entire month of December. Most of the time, I’d be left with less than two weeks. This year, however, I had 26 long days.

What did I do with this time? I mainly pissed it away. I managed to see only two movies. I watched two DVDs, both of which were for movies I had already seen (though the bonus material was pretty cool). I think I saw some of my friends about three or four times. I did manage to squeeze in 8-9 weeks of four TV shows into three days. I finished one video game and started another. What I did most was staying up really late, sleeping in, and eating.

I wish I had done a little more with my time, after all, it was 26 days! At least I’m rested now.

I am now appreciating how great my last semester was in terms of scheduling. On Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, I could go to be as late as I wanted to. Also, I only had one lab and no tutorials to attend. This term, I can only sleep in for one day of the week, and I have to be up by 9am on most days. In addition, I have two labs and three tutorials this term. I’m taking the same number of courses this term, but I’m certainly in class a lot more now.

I finally got my mark back for my fuzzy logic control course. Remember how I predicted doom and gloom for my mark? I’m not sure how it happened, but I managed to eek out a 81% or an A- in that class. I’m surprised as hell. I did the calculations and I received a mark of 80% on my final project, which was worth 50% of the mark. How did that happen? I thought my project was crap. It was four days of what I thought was sub-standard work. Now, that I think about it, that course was kinda cool. Ha ha ha… the prof was gone for the equivalent of a month, we didn’t do any work until the end, we didn’t have any assignments to hand in, there were no labs or tutorials, he marked the mid-term very leniently, and I got an A- for basically doing four days of work (over an entire term!). It wouldn’t be that bad if all my courses were like that. I bet, though, I wouldn’t be saying that if I didn’t get an A-.

Let’s hope this new term will be as good as the last!

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