It’s probably a sign I’m getting old, but this post is going to be about a light bulb.

Over the holiday, I bought a new floor lamp for my place at UBC. The SJC supplied one was more of a reading lamp that pointed down rather up towards the ceiling. Plus, the max. wattage on it was way too low.

Unfortunately, I was still stuck with a lamp that used incandescent light bulbs. Since halogen bulbs were released, I’ve been impressed with how white and pure their light is. Compared to an incandescent bulb, I’d take halogen any day. However, halogen floor lamps seem to have fallen out of favour with designers, since I couldn’t find any in stores.

I was almost resigned to using a normal incandescent bulb when I discovered a special bulb from General Electric. It’s called the Reveal bulb. Apparently, GE coats the surface of this bulb with a layer of Neodymium. This filters out the “yellowness” of regular incandescent bulbs, resulting in a purer, whiter light.

When I turned on my new lamp with the Reveal bulb, it was amazing. The light was as white and pure as a halogen lamp. My room is much brighter and the colours are no longer bathed in that yellowish hue.

If I had a bigger place with more lamps, I’d be putting these bulbs into all of them. They don’t cost much more than an average bulb. Go find one today at your local hardware store! 🙂

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