It’s only Tuesday! Holy crap this week is dragging on. I can’t wait until I get back into a routine and the days start flying by.

So, I got up at 8am today. Yesterday, it was 9am. Tomorrow it’ll be 9am again. I’m missing my unbounded bedtimes from last term. I’m a nocturnal person by nature and this new schedule is not agreeing with me. It’s ok now because I have no work to do, but I’m expecting more difficulties later.

Hey, in other news, did anyone watch that Joe Millionaire show on Fox? I could only watch half of it before I couldn’t stand it any more. I think I’ll watch the last episode. I bet the girl says she’ll stay with him irregardless of his wealth, but once the cameras are off, she’ll split as soon as she can.

By the way, if you think that Evan guy is only capable of doing construction work, you’re wrong. As first discovered by The Smoking Gun and reported by Entertainment Weekly, Evan Marriott has previously done some modelling… of men’s thong underwear. “Joe Millionaire” it seems did some photo work for a company called California Muscle which sells men’s “fantasy and body wear”. Our faux-millionaire can be seen modelling exciting items such as the Arabian Boxer and the battle-inspired Gladiator Brief. Warning, there’s no nudity, but if there’s even a sliver of homophobia in you, you probably won’t want to click on those links. Ha ha ha…

Ok, I’m tired as hell, so I’m going to nap.


With great sadness, my holidays ended today when I had to get up at 9am to go to my first class.

I had about 26 days off for my Christmas holiday. It was my longest holiday ever in my entire life. When you’re in kindergarten to grade 12, you get maybe two weeks usually. When I was in undergrad, I had a million courses, so my exams were usually spread over the entire month of December. Most of the time, I’d be left with less than two weeks. This year, however, I had 26 long days.

What did I do with this time? I mainly pissed it away. I managed to see only two movies. I watched two DVDs, both of which were for movies I had already seen (though the bonus material was pretty cool). I think I saw some of my friends about three or four times. I did manage to squeeze in 8-9 weeks of four TV shows into three days. I finished one video game and started another. What I did most was staying up really late, sleeping in, and eating.

I wish I had done a little more with my time, after all, it was 26 days! At least I’m rested now.

I am now appreciating how great my last semester was in terms of scheduling. On Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, I could go to be as late as I wanted to. Also, I only had one lab and no tutorials to attend. This term, I can only sleep in for one day of the week, and I have to be up by 9am on most days. In addition, I have two labs and three tutorials this term. I’m taking the same number of courses this term, but I’m certainly in class a lot more now.

I finally got my mark back for my fuzzy logic control course. Remember how I predicted doom and gloom for my mark? I’m not sure how it happened, but I managed to eek out a 81% or an A- in that class. I’m surprised as hell. I did the calculations and I received a mark of 80% on my final project, which was worth 50% of the mark. How did that happen? I thought my project was crap. It was four days of what I thought was sub-standard work. Now, that I think about it, that course was kinda cool. Ha ha ha… the prof was gone for the equivalent of a month, we didn’t do any work until the end, we didn’t have any assignments to hand in, there were no labs or tutorials, he marked the mid-term very leniently, and I got an A- for basically doing four days of work (over an entire term!). It wouldn’t be that bad if all my courses were like that. I bet, though, I wouldn’t be saying that if I didn’t get an A-.

Let’s hope this new term will be as good as the last!


It’s probably a sign I’m getting old, but this post is going to be about a light bulb.

Over the holiday, I bought a new floor lamp for my place at UBC. The SJC supplied one was more of a reading lamp that pointed down rather up towards the ceiling. Plus, the max. wattage on it was way too low.

Unfortunately, I was still stuck with a lamp that used incandescent light bulbs. Since halogen bulbs were released, I’ve been impressed with how white and pure their light is. Compared to an incandescent bulb, I’d take halogen any day. However, halogen floor lamps seem to have fallen out of favour with designers, since I couldn’t find any in stores.

I was almost resigned to using a normal incandescent bulb when I discovered a special bulb from General Electric. It’s called the Reveal bulb. Apparently, GE coats the surface of this bulb with a layer of Neodymium. This filters out the “yellowness” of regular incandescent bulbs, resulting in a purer, whiter light.

When I turned on my new lamp with the Reveal bulb, it was amazing. The light was as white and pure as a halogen lamp. My room is much brighter and the colours are no longer bathed in that yellowish hue.

If I had a bigger place with more lamps, I’d be putting these bulbs into all of them. They don’t cost much more than an average bulb. Go find one today at your local hardware store! 🙂


I debated for quite a while whether or not I should post this, but in the end, I decided what the hell, I want some opinions on this.

So, this all started at a Halloween party I attended. If you read my web site regularly, you’ll probably know which party I’m talking about.

Anyways, during the course of the evening, I meet this attractive, young lady named Colleen. We talk sporadically during the evening. We converse about her job, my studies, Halloween costumes, etc. My perception about what women are thinking is virtually nil, but I’m getting no vibes that she wants me to go away, so we continue to talk.

Some time during the evening, they start playing slow songs. It surprises most people at the party. It’s at this moment I come up with this gem of line, “Boy, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a slow dance…”

“Oh, do you want to dance?”, Colleen asks me. I laugh and accept. Jokingly, we adopt this seventh grade couple dance formation for a while. Our arms are totally outstretched and you could drive a train in the space between us. “I feel like we’re in elementary school,” I say.

We draw in closer for the rest of the Bryan Adams ballad that is playing. I’m a bit nervous, but then I realize it’s because I find her beautiful.

The song ends and we talk some more. Pretty soon, the party is over and the lights are coming back on. Her friends want to leave now. With the courage of three beers behind me, I decide to ask Colleen for her phone number. To my delight, she finds a scrap piece of parchment and scribbles her number down.

I take it from her and in the immediate moment, it is my most prized possession. I tell her I’ll call her and we say good-bye.

Two days later, I call her on a Sunday night. I’m nervous as hell. I take a deep breath and call her number. I’m half expecting to get a 7-11 somewhere. It rings… and rings… no one is home. I get her voicemail, and I’m totally not ready to leave a message. I manage to string together some words where I leave my number and a promise to call her again.

Monday evening rolls around and I’m in my room all night. The only time I leave is to get my laundry and I’m gone for maybe five minutes. 2am rolls around and I have to go to bed, and she hasn’t called me back, well, that’s at least what I think. Before I crawl into bed, I check my voicemail. There is a message. It’s from Colleen. She called during the one five-minute period where I had left my room. She tells me she’ll be home the next evening. I go to sleep happy.

The next evening, I phone Colleen again. We talk for an hour. We discuss job, school, sports, and I forget what else, but I discover she has a very positive personality. It appeals to me. Near the end of the hour, I broach the subject of meeting for coffee. She agrees to meet me the following Saturday, but we can’t figure out where to go. Colleen says she’ll probably be at work, so I decide to make it easier on her and I would find a place near her work. I think we traded e-mail addresses at this point, and we say good-bye.

During the week, my friend Trevor recommends an eccletic tea house down in Yaletown, very close to where Colleen works. It sound great, so I phone Colleen to tell her about my choice. She agrees and I give her the address so that she can check it out and give me final approval.

It’s all good and Saturday rolls around. We had agreed to meet at 2pm and like a good little boy, I’m early by five minutes. I wait outside the place and suddenly appears Colleen. I can distinctly remember that she wore a lovely cream-coloured three-quarter length coat and I was pleased at her sense of style.

We greet each other and I open the door to let her go in first. We order a pot of green tea. As we sit down, I notice she’s more attractive than I had remembered. We proceed to converse for about two hours. Strangely, there are no awkward pauses. We talked about many things, among them: parents, siblings, movies, relationships, nothing that I thought was taboo for a first date. I was nervous, so my sense of humour didn’t come through as strongly as it usually does. Regardless, I didn’t sense any boredom or desire to flee from her. Around 4pm I thought I’d let her go no matter how well the date was going. I mentioned something about how she probably had to go back to work or to attend some other social function. I also mentioned I was kind of getting hungry since I was too nervous to eat lunch. To my surprise, she said she was also too nervous to lunch. I took a chance, but I asked her if she wanted to join me for dinner. She accepted!

We decided to go to Capone’s, also in Yaletown. On the walk there, she ran into a co-worker. She introduced us and I said hello to her. I still wonder if I made a good impression on her.

Anyways, we got to Capone’s and I let her look at the menu before we went inside, just in case she didn’t like the fare there. Colleen is a vegetarian, so I wanted to keep that in mind. She said it looked good, so we went in.

So, we had dinner at Capone’s. During the course of the meal, I asked her if she discussed her relationships with her parents. She said most of the time, and she said might even mention our little date when she would see her parents the next day. With the smoothness of Screech on Saved By The Bell, I asked her, “So, let’s say you do mention our date, and your mother asks you how the date went, what would you tell her?”

“I would say it went pretty well,” Colleen replied.

“And what if your mom asked you if you would see this gentleman again?” I continued.

“I think I probably would,” she said.

I laughed and left it at that, but I took that as being a good sign. We left Capone’s at around 5:30pm and she said she was quite pleased we had eaten there. I offered to walk her to her car and she happily agreed. On the way, I mentioned how I never did get around to shopping for shoes as I had intended. I was only joking, but Colleen asked me if I wanted to hit some stores on Robson. I said no, that would be too kind, but she said it was alright. I said ok, and we took a little detour to Robson. Nonetheless, I only went into two stores just to keep it brief. I didn’t buy anything in the end.

When we finally got to her car, I should have just left her there, but somehow, she convinced me to let her drive me to the bus stop. Bad move. Her last impression of me should not have been, wow, this guy has no car and relies on the bus… nice… Anyways, she stops off at the corner and I tell her I had a nice time tonight and I’d like to see her again. We did not kiss or hug, but I think first dates should be pretty innocent anyways, so I wasn’t displeased.

I called her the next day and we talked for about 40 minutes or so, and it seemed she liked how the evening went. I didn’t ask about a second date because I knew we were both busy for the next few weeks and I didn’t want to seem like I was moving things too fast.

We traded e-mails during the week and she even called me the next Sunday to talk. I think it was then that we decided we should go for tea/coffee again for the next Sunday.

Again, we e-mailed back and forth, and then the day before our second meeting, she said she couldn’t meet because work was crazy for her. She apologized and said it wouldn’t be hectic for much longer.

I replied and said I understood. Then I think I left two messages on her voicemail, plus I sent her another e-mail. I received no communication/replies from her. The last time I got any communication was November 16th. Then my school stuff got totally crazy and worked my butt off till the 9th of December. By then, a lot of time had passed.

I’m still wondering, why didn’t Collen return any of my messages all of a sudden? What the hell happened?

I understand that first dates are as plentiful as Chinese people in Richmond, and invariably, some people just don’t click. I’m fine with that, but I do believe we need to be mature enough to tell the other person that. If Colleen did in fact, did not want to see me again, why did she bother being nice to me afterwards and then agree for another date?

I expect common and courtesy no matter what she thought of our first date. I would be completely comfortable if she had at least phone or e-mailed and said, “You seem like a really nice guy but I just don’t think it’s going to work out” or “Dear Lord, I wouldn’t go out with you again if I was given a million dollars and a little toy bird that drinks water”. At least in that case, I’d know for sure, yes, Colleen probably isn’t the girl for me.

However, she just stopped replying to my messages. What kind of way is that to tell someone you don’t want anything to do with them again? It seems really out of character from what little I know about her. In any case, it’s poor behaviour on her part.

My question to everyone is, why do people do this? Why can’t everyone be held accountable to some level of decency and politeness? I’m still wondering what the hell happened. Do you think I should call her or e-mail her again?

Some people have told me to move on and her silence should speak volumes, but a part of me can’t let this mystery die. I want to know why she stopped contacting me!!! What do you think I should do?

Longest… post… ever…


I’m posting this from my friend Trevor’s place. For most of the evening and at the stroke of midnight, I was at Dave and Abi’s place. I met Dave when I lived at Hamber at UBC. Their party was alright, it mainly attended by Dave and Abi’s med school friends. I was the only Hamber representative. I was hoping there would be more people I knew.

I left the party shortly after midnight. I was about to just hop on a bus and go home, but on a whim I decided to call my friend Trevor who lives just across the street from Dave. Surprisngly, he was home and so here I am right now.

I hope everyone had a fun New Year’s Eve!!!


I had an interesting weekend at UBC. The whole campus was really quiet. There didn’t seem to be a single soul around. During the two days at SJC, I didn’t see a single resident, though I know there are people there. It was a nice departure having to deal with just my own solitude. It was peaceful and relaxed.

Hey, if you think that blogs can’t be shocking enough these days, I encourage you to read this post.


I went to a dinner party tonight. Thanks Trev for inviting me. On my walk back from the bus loop, I nearly froze my ass off. The mercury must have been hovering near zero tonight.

When I finally got back to the safe confines of my room, I discovered my room was nearly as cold as the outside. I had turned off the heat before I left earlier in the evening.

Anyways, I learned two important things at the dinner party:

  1. I don’t read enough books

  2. Women also can have orgasms while they’re sleeping


Well, at least for the weekend. There’s some stuff I need to do here and to be honest, it was getting a bit cramped back at my parent’s place.

It’s nice and quiet here, I can go about my business again without anyone bothering me.

If anyone was wondering why my comments had disappeared for a while, I finally found out why. Apparently, another user of the commenting system I employ changed his settings two days ago. Somehow, this changed the settings of all the users on the system. It screwed up everybody. However, all is well now.

If anyone wants to contact me, please do so at my UBC number. Thanks!


I went Boxing Day shopping today. Unlike the throngs of pain-seekers, however, I did not start shopping until 5pm. You have to be either an idiot or possess amazing amounts of tolerance to go any earlier.

In the span of two hours, I managed to visit Lougheed Town Centre, Future Shop, Linen ‘N Things, and Ikea. Parking was plentiful and the crowds were sparse.

Because of the considerable fiscal restraint I am exercising this year, I did not buy much. My purchases came out to exactly two candles from Ikea. That’s not to say I wanted to buy more. There was lots I wanted to get, but when you’re poor, reality sets in quite quickly.

What I don’t get is the mindset of people who want to battle the immense crowds during the morning and afternoon. It’s hot, stiffling, hectic, and I bet, when people get home, they’ll look at their purchases and wonder, “Was it really worth four hours of hell to get two shirts for $19.99?”


I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was alright. I was hoping to win the lottery, but I did not.

I managed to finish watching all my taped TV shows. It was quite interesting viewing several hours of 24 in a row, in near real-time. I wonder what it’d be like to watch a whole season in one, 24 hour block.

I’ll probably be heading off to UBC tomorrow for a few days before I return back to my parents’ place again. I’ll check in with everyone once I’m there.

Happy Boxing Day!