It was chaos for some in the Lower Mainland today with all the snow that had been dumped on our fair city. UBC was without power all day and poor SJCers had to sit in the dark and read papers. Transit was behind schedule on a few routes and school was cancelled for most post-secondary students.

I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the day. First, my bus wasn’t even a minute late in the morning. When I boarded, I found it to be refreshingly empty and I got a seat all to myself. All the cranky old people that usually fill my bus were no where to be seen. There were either at home or on the sidewalk somewhere with broken hips.

We flew into downtown Vancouver at a very respectable clip, arriving early enough for me to grab a breakfast sandwich from the A&W in Sinclair Centre. Then when I got to the office, I found out the boil water advisory had been lifted, allowing me to have a cup of fresh hot water right from the magical machine.

Though I had to stay a bit later at work this evening, I found an excellent Japanese restaurant to grab my dinner from. It’s only a block away from work as well. As I was preparing to go home, my Mom phoned me and nearly demanded that I get a hotel room downtown for the night. When I asked her why, she said it was too cold be outside this evening and that I would not survive the walk from the office to the bus stop and from the bus stop to my home. Now that might have been true if I was dressed only in my underwear and shoes but I had a fairly warm coat on and also a beanie on my large, bulbous head.

Given that it was probably only around -1 degrees and it only takes me five minutes to walk on either end of my trip, I decided to ignore my mother’s advice and save myself $100. The bus ride was uneventful as expected, as was my walk home. Oh mommy, you care about me so much.

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